1080 Degree Snowboarding – The Game

The fantastic physics engine from Wave Race 64 has found a new home on the white slopes of snowboarding heaven. 1080 Degree Snowboarding lets players strut their stuff with a ton of tricks, several different characters, and some serious thrashing action. This game is, without a doubt, the best snowboarding title ever seen on the Nintendo 64, and it’s not likely a better one will be seen soon (unless, of course, Nintendo finally decides to follow up the game with a sequel). Beautiful graphics, excellent control, and stellar stunts overpower the few slight flaws of the game.

When it comes to slaloming down the hillside, you’re not going to see a better game than 1080. The game manages to take the best elements from Wave Race 64 and apply the same tasks to the snow. It works beautifully. The developers modified the engine enough to make players feel every crunch, bump, grind, spin, and crash handed to them.

The game comes with six courses and five characters, although there are also Airmake and Halfpipe courses. Three secret characters hide in the game as well. The smooth frame rates and stellar play control are indicative of Nintendo’s attention to detail, although it would have been nice to have more than just six courses and more than only two-player multiplayer. However, those are small prices to pay for a fantastically fun snowboarding game.

The game isn’t perfect, but it’s darned close to it. Invisible walls appear in some key areas (to keep the gameplay in check), and every now and then there’s some minor slowdown. Skater fans will seriously dig the plethora of tricks and special moves, including the elusive 1080. If you think Tony Hawk’s 900 was something, check this move out!

Even the graphics are mind-blowing, with crisp edges and breathtaking vistas. The flashy moves will take your breath away while snowflakes fall gently from the sky. You can take to the slopes in daytime glory of Clash Royale of SuperCell or by the light of the nighttime moon.

Five stats separate the skills of the different characters you can take up to the mountain. Max Speed, Technique, Balance, Jump, and Power will all affect your stunts in a variety of ways, and you can really tell the difference, along with the performance values from more than a dozen boards to choose from.

1080 first indicated a move by Nintendo toward more mature games for its previously younger-skewed platform, and that trend has continued through to titles like Shadowman and Monaco Grand Prix. Even today, 1080 is a joy to play, and is well worth any gamer’s attention.