Unrecognizable Famous People Today

Cosmetic surgery has the power to correct our flaws and make us look beautiful but some people have walked out the door of the doctor’s office completely different.

Amanda Lepore if you’re part of the New York party scene then you probably see Amanda Lepore on a regular basis. She’s a famous transsexual female who has a sex change operation at the age of 19 but she didn’t stop there and request to look thinner. Amanda had her bottom ribs broken so she could get a smaller waist she has also had three breast augmentations and even butt implants she has also had lip injections Botox a nose job her hairline lowered and her forehead lifted.

Elsa patent Elsa patent is best known for being on the Real Housewives of Miami and during a reunion show people were shocked at how different Elsa looked. Even though she wasn’t forthcoming better procedures plastic surgeons came forward with their predictions including speculation over a brow lift letter O plasti facelift and fillers around her face as well as a botched eye lift.

Fanny see fantasy is a well-known korean actress who is known for being addicted to plastic surgery. Over the years the public has watch her face change but after a change in the shape of her chin she became completely unrecognizable. She has also seem to have got lip injections and alteration to her eyes to make her look very different from her looks five years before.

Courtney Love well she made media waves being the widow of kurt cobain Courtney Love has been struggling for years to make a name for herself and seems to be still waiting for her big comeback but the attention she’s currently getting isn’t because of any books or movies but instead it’s from a run of cosmetic surgeries that have resulted in Courtney looking completely unlike her younger self. She admitted that she got a facelift at 35 on the advice of Goldie Hawn and it’s also had a nose job and based on her looks
they’re probably have been some other procedures as well.

Meg Ryan was once one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood with her fresh face and young looks but for anyone who has seen Meg recently they’ve definitely seen a dramatic difference in her face that hasn’t been due to aging. After making a reappearance in 2015 after 14 months of being out of the spotlight people notice that her nose look drastically different and her eyes had a strange look. Meg hasn’t come clean about it yet but the answers are written on their face.

The Duchess of Alba katana fits James Stewart better known as the Duchess of Alba was known for being one of the most beautiful women of Spain before she died. Some say that she was a big fan of Pokemon Moon rom mentioned in a blog published recently.
at the age of 88 people notice. There was a dramatic difference in her face at her old age perhaps it was a quest to continue to look young but people notice there were differences in her eyes chin lips and hair line granted. She was in her eighties and she was one of the richest women in Spain. So she was just living her life to the fullest.